MANTZARIS SA is working in accordance with the terms of the Premium Partner Network and is authorized as Schüco Premium Partner in aluminum construction.The company uses Schüco systems and adheres to the philosophy of Schüco quality. Schüco systems in combination with our professional consulting, design and processing of partner Schüco guarantee unique quality.The company’s experience of metallurgical enterprise and its certification as a Premium Partner, ensures that you will use the Schüco systems in the most optimum way. Visit us.The Schüco Premium Partner MANTZARIS, will be happy to demonstrate you the remarkable potential of Schüco systems and its unparalleled design.

Schüco Premium Partner

With 39 years experience, facilities 10.000 m2, the latest technological equipment and highly trained staff guarantees high quality construction standards and speed of delivery. 

The sales processes and production company is certified according to the quality management system ISO 9001 : 2015

After Sales

Contact authorized service Mantzaris for a scheduled maintenance of your frames or hotfix an unforeseen failure!

10th klm Thessaloniki – N.Moudania
Tel.: +30 231 092 2162

Factory :18th km Old National Road Thessaloniki – Kavala
Tel.: +30 239 405 2987

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