• Products that offer solutions for each type of construction and are available in many designs and even more combinations, meeting the requirements of both traditional and modern architectural buildings.
  • Manufactured with aluminum and stainless steel accessories for maximum corrosion protection.
  • They are electrostatically coated with a special seaside class treatment to protect them from scalding and are available in a large color variety in RAL shades, as well as special colors and shades in wood effect.
  • They guarantee long life, great durability in difficult weather conditions and, of course, no maintenance.
  • Design your courtyard as you have imagined!



Elect the gates of your home! We will design the gates of your home with you and we will find the ideal solution for the aesthetic and functional needs of your home!

Sliding or Opening?

  • Somfy has the necessary mechanisms to open and close any type of door safely.
  • At the touch of a button on the remote control and the front door opens in a few seconds. You automatically exit and close behind you.
  • There is no risk of injury as the obstacle detection system immediately stops every move. Once closed behind you, the gates lock and resists possible tampering.
  • Smooth operation helps in the longer life of your door.
  • The remote control switches on an electric motor. In the case of a side-floating hinged door, the motor is connected to the frames via brackets or worm gears.
  • The remote control switches on an electric motor. The sliding side gates are moved laterally by means of a motor.
  • With the backup battery, the gates or the garage door will operate automatically in case of power failure.

See all drawings and technical details in the product catalog