Opening Alumil

Window Alumil SMARTIA S67

Description : SMARTIA S67 is the new complete Tilt & Turn system of ALUMIL, which combines outstanding thermal insulation performances along with high construction flexibility and exceptional design. Advantages : Very good value for money High [...]

Window Alumil SMARTIA M9660

Description: SMARTIA M9660 is an open-reclining thermal insulation system suitable for areas with warmer climates such as the Mediterranean, which ensures quality and application of a variety of typologies with satisfactory thermal insulation performance. It is an ideal replacement line, always combining safety and functionality without the need [...]

Window Alumil COMFORT M9400

Description: COMFORT M9400 is one of the most complete non-thermal insulated aluminum door frames with a particularly wide range of applications and satisfactory performance. Advantages : Very good value for money Satisfactory level of security Satisfactory sound insulation level Plenty of alternative designs Plenty [...]

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